7 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

Posted on February 07, 2020

When people talk about the ketogenic diet, they make it sound so great, and you may wonder if it's really that good. Truthfully, it is possible for the keto diet to change your life with some of its amazing benefits

What is the Keto Diet, Exactly?

With keto, you'll eat a diet that is low in carbs, with high fat and moderate protein. The goal of the keto diet is to get the body into the metabolic state of ketosis through careful tuning of nutritional intake.

When the body no longer has stores of glycogen to use for energy, it enters a state of ketosis. With no sugar to use as an energy source, the body must use fat instead. Fat is converted by the liver into ketones which then can be used as a source of energy. Since the body is using fat as an energy source, this makes the keto diet great for losing body fat.

7 Advantages of The Keto Diet

Many diets only help to lose body fat, but the ketogenic diet has many other benefits.

Weight Reduction

Weight reduction is the main objective of the keto diet for most people. The ketogenic diet helps to lose weight since the body must use fat as a source of energy in the absence of glycogen.

When carb intake is restricted, the body enters a state of ketosis. Glucose and insulin levels fall under ketosis. When the body uses fat cells as a source of energy, they release impressive amounts of water, helping to lose more weight. The fat cells enter the bloodstream and are processed by the liver, where they are transformed into ketones, a very efficient source of energy. If your diet allows you to restrict the intake of calories, then the keto diet will help you to lose weight.

It Brings Relief from Food Cravings

When you consume fewer carbohydrates, this leads to decreased food cravings. When on the ketogenic diet, many people can fast for most of the day, only eating at mealtimes without cravings in between.

Improved Mental Focus

With most diets where you consume carbohydrates, you have to rise and falling blood sugar levels that affect your brain. These inconsistencies in energy levels make it harder to focus. With keto, your energy levels are very consistent, and you're able to stay focused more easily.

You Have More Energy

With an ordinary diet, your body is always on edge of running out of energy. You always need to eat to keep your energy up. Instead, with keto, your body uses fat as an energy source, leading to consistent and endless energy levels all day long.

It Helps With Diabetes

If you have Type II diabetes, your body encounters high insulin levels. Since with the keto diet you decrease blood sugar levels by reducing carbs, you stabilize your glycogen levels, helping to reduce the effects of Type II diabetes.

Your Good Cholesterol Levels Improve

HDL (good) cholesterol helps to eliminate bad cholesterol from your body. With the ketogenic diet, your body's triglyceride levels fall and you increase levels of good cholesterol.

Your Blood Circulation Improves

With the keto diet, your blood pressure levels will drop. Many people who'd otherwise need to take blood pressure medication find they're able to stop taking it completely.

The ketogenic diet can be truly life-changing. It is not difficult to get on the diet or maintain it since there are so many delicious recipes. All it takes are some simple changes, and the will to try it.